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  • What is the shelf life for MAKEWAI water?
    MAKEWAI is best enjoyed within 24 months of being bottled. Each carton has a printed best by date on top of the bottle.
  • Do the carton bottle contain BPA?
    No, all MAKEWAI packaging is BPA- & BPS-free.
  • Where is MAKEWAI water from?
    Our water comes from Sierra Blanca, Mijas south of Spain.
  • Where can I buy MAKEWAI?
    We offer direct wholesale to businesses, shops and distributors. Please contact us for more information.
  • Where do you ship from?
    We ship from Spain.
  • What is the carton made from?
    Renewable paperboard (more than 70 percent) is the primary material used to produce our carton packages. Just enough to make the package stable, without adding unnecessary weight. Paperboard is made from wood fibres, a renewable resource that, if managed responsibly, grows back. All paperboard used in our packages comes from forests certified to Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) and other controlled sources. The board is flanked on either side by polythene – on the outside to protect against external moisture and on the inside to enable the paperboard to stick to the next layer - aluminium foil. Aluminium foil protects against oxygen and light and maintains the nutritional value and flavours of the contents. Two further layers of polythene on the innermost surface separate the water from the aluminium and add further protection.
  • Is the carton recyclable?
    MAKEWAI water carton is recyclable anywhere carton recycling is available and although the packages are made of mixed materials, modern recycling methods can separate the layers so the individual materials can be recycled and reused.
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