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We are passionate about providing the purest water while also reducing our carbon footprint and are constantly working on finding solutions to minimize our environmental impact. Our team has carefully crafted our bottles to ensure they are durable, recyclable, and refillable. Join our movement to make a difference by reducing plastic waste. 
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Our boxed water consist of premium water with essential minerals which is the perfect solution for those who want to drink high quality water with all the necessary minerals. It derived from a sustainable source, with 80% of it coming from renewable sources. We use advanced technology, remineralization, microfiltering at 0.22 microns, and UV sterilization, to ensure that you get the purest water possible. All our products come with an FSC certificate.


MAKEWAI is dedicated to providing quality products while also caring for the environment. 
That’s why our carton packages are primarily made from paper and are responsibly sourced, which ensures that the carbon footprint of our products is considerably lower than other packaging solutions. We are proud to offer beverages that are not only refreshing, but better for the planet too.

At makewai, we believe that every action counts in keeping our planet healthy. When you recycle your beverage cartons, you are taking a small step towards a big impact on the environment. By doing so, you are helping to preserve the planet's natural resources, decrease waste in landfills, and promote sustainability.


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